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My name is Lyon and I’m a motion designer, I bring creative concepts to life through design and animation. I was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, so my background inspires a lot of my work. I’ve been freelancing since I was a young artist back in 2009. Now I run a brand & web design studio by the name of The Bizarre.






Growing up in Holland, bicycles have been a large part of my life. In this animation, I wanted to highlight a variety of bikes and their positive impact on our environment.


I drew the bikes, illustrated the environments around them, animated them, then read the narration I put together.

The colors and textures are inspired by home, and the style of the bikes mimics abstraction prominent in The Netherlands.


Cinematography by Alejandro Orengo

Production by Dr. Thomas LaVeist

My task was to create a series of animatics to accompany and visually describe the narration explaining the fight or flight response.


This health-oriented topic called for clean and clear infographics to convey the message properly.

I drew up storyboard sketches to solidify and refine my ideas before production to ensure we were all on the same page.

After approval, I animated my Illustrator sketches in After effects, then tracked the camera movements to put my animations

in the footage.

Dr. Thomas LaVeist’s documentary premiered in Brooklyn, NY on June 16th, 2018.


OmniChip is a universal cryptocurrency post-nuclear war of 2020.


The brand identity of OmniChip simulates the style of an evil corporate brand in a

post-apocalyptic world

To bring my concept to life, I animated and motion tracked the OmniChip bill design in the commercial we put together.

Replicating military briefing animations,

the OmniChip animation provides historical context and functionality to the cryptocurrency


This project was a Semifinalist

in the 2018 Adobe Design

Achievement Awards 

Formotion is a motion design conference held in Amsterdam. Each year they invite designers, animators, and typographers to host workshops and facilitate discussions.


The goal of this concept is to translate the energy of motion into static image.

The style is inspired by neon signage, which is attention grabbing and fun, as well as the well-known MTV branding, which is always upbeat, new, and exciting!

There was a lot of swag that had to be branded, so the visual identity had to be flexible enough to work across the board but remain recognizable.

The poster which includes all of the info as well as tear-off form on the bottom to register for the event and follow the schedule

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