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Fugue is an app...

that allows users to filter out their Spotify music temporarily

for a certain amount of time. A week, a month, or a year,

however​ much time you need to get over the memory of your ex,

Fugue is here to temporarily forget the tunes you don’t want to hear.

Karmic Messenger, presented us with a list of creative concepts.

We worked together to flesh out the details of two

of their best ideas and brought their vision to life.


Our Challenge


 How do we showcase situations wherein people

would use Fugue so that it would attract users? 

The existing Fugue logo was brought to life by animating the lock, symbolizing control of which music is being listened to.

The Fugue Logo and Brand identity was

created by Duckpin Design

The first commercial...


“Descent into Sadness” introduces a college student who is having trouble getting over her previous relationship — she is slouching on the couch around a mess of left-over takeout food. Her friend comes in to help and brings her to the shower to “clean-up” her act, and uses the Fugue app to filter out that song that reminds her of her ex. The college student comes out of the shower all cleaned up and happy because different music is playing, allowing her to forget the past.

Then we came up with...


the idea for “Through the Ages”. From vinyl records to cassette tapes,

back in the day music used to be permanent and would remind people

of their past. Now with the Fugue app on your phone, you can easily select what you do and don’t want to hear. Not only does Fugue let you listen to music, but Fugue also listens to you. The commercial shows a frustrated young boy in the 80s, a heartbroken college student in the 90s, and a satisfied music enthusiast in the year 2018.

Behind the scenes




Director / Writer / Cinematography / Editor - Jack Hoffman
Producer / Color grading / Graphic design / Motion graphics - Lyon van den Oord
Production Assistant - John Woods
“Descent into Sadness” actors - Jenay Crispin, Alexus Crockett, Shannon Brown (Voice acting)
“Descent into Sadness” music - “Saturday” by Abby Mott, “In my pocket” by Jahzzar
“Through the Ages” actors - Charlie van den Oord, Lyon van den Oord, Edwin van den Oord, Jack Hoffman (Voice acting)
“Through the Ages” music - “Hochiko” by Simon Osterhold, “I wonder if she’s fine” by Geva Alon,“The Day Breakdown by Arid Garden, “In My Head” by Autocliche

Fugue Logo & Brand identity - Duckpin Design

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